SK Specialty

Eevee – baby class: very promising 1, BIS baby

Eevee first show and she did it in style 🙂

Beru and CEA

Berúthiel Emiel Regis – CEA: non affected (clear/clear)

Litters E and F Emiel Regis are hereditary CEA clear (both fathers are CEA clear). Litter I Emiel Regis is CEA clear/?? (father is not tested).

Our others CEA tested beardies and all with result clear/clear:
Dol Blathanna Emiel Regis
Dyffrin Mawr Cahir Emiel Regis
Feainnewedd Emiel Regis

Our others litters with one CEA clear/clear parent:
D (CEA clear father) + H, J, K (CEA clear mother).