The best of 2015

Many many thanks to all owners, all loving families, to all our great beardies. You all are great and we are very proud breeders!

Lujza gave birth to our  9th litter was born, “J” puppies. Four black and blue naughty puppies. So four happy families.
Beruška become a grandma of many littes – two in CZ (our “J” litter+ “B” Berbulu), three litters in Germany (Paleroad Dream + 2* Baldslow, puppies of  Oliver) and one litter in Italy (puppies of Franz).

Lujza – new IntCH, CH BG, GrandCh BG
Dory – JCH CZ+ SK, Cruft´s qualification
Beru – Veteran club winner
Rozi – CH CZ,  X*CACIB
Franz – JCH IT, Club winner
Aston – many CACs in CZ(at club show and specialty) and in PL, X *CACIB +X*  BOB
Gita – opened CH CZ
Gardik – opened CH SK
Dexter – the first show – opened JCH PL + Cruft´s qualification
Glorie – C* VP1, BIS baby 1, 2, 3, Best baby CZ club show…
Jager – 4th BIS puppy, 2* VP1
Bondík – started show career  with VP1

Lujza – BH and  ZZO 1
Kája jr. – trials in LA 1, 2nd in dogtrekking for beardies
Joey – freestyle 1, MD 1 and successful in dogdancing trials
Ida – Freestyle 1, 1st in dogtrekking for beardies
Ciri – StPr 1, MD 1, DWD 1, trials in LA 2
Evry – CZ club agility champion 2015 2015

holkyAND  DORY..
Our Dory won her fight for life … She is healthy now, happy and crazy beardie again. The best success ever 🙂